• Maha Yodha Game Deluxe Edition

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    The premium edition of Maha Yodha includes:

    • The Base Set featuring our 2 current factions - the Adityas and the Asuras (84 cards) 
    • An Expansion Pack (46 Cards)
    • Plus all the Stretch Goals we've unlocked for our Kickstarter campaign (24 Cards)

    for a total of 154 cards, over 90% of which are unique with detailed traditional Pattachitra and modern fantasy illustrations artists like Jason Felix, Pankaj Behera, Igor Kieryluk, Johann Bodin, Jacob Atienza,Grzegorz Rutkowski,Andrew Sonea, Hugo Richard, Lucas Parolin, Carl Ellis, Mattias Fahlberg,Ryan C,   Lauren St. OngeNicole Cardiff, Sara Diesel, and Nikola Matkovic to name most of them! 

    A beautifully illustrated Rule Book, Life and Valour Counters and Player Aid cards are also included.



Maha Yodha Game Deluxe Edition

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